An accounting degree can open up a whole world of employment opportunities. Depending on the type of accounting degree you have achieved, there are a variety of careers that you could pursue. If you have also passed the CPA exam, you’ll have even more career options. Also, if you are a CPA, you could also start your own accounting practice. However, even if you have not yet passed the CPA exam, there are still many accounting jobs that you are now qualified for.

Tax Accounting

Tax accounting is a vital part of every company’s business. Companies need to keep records of their expenses and income, while looking for ways to minimize their tax burden at the end of the year. Accountants are always in high demand for this important field.


Working as an auditor is another possibility once you have your accounting degree. Companies often hire internal auditors, who work year-round to advise the company in regards to financial matters. External auditors often work for more than one company, checking financial records and making sure that the proper reporting regulations are being followed.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors help individuals determine how to expand and protect their financial assets. Helping clients find ways to minimize the tax liability on their assets is also an important part of being a financial advisor. Many people seek out the services of a financial advisor to help them plan for their retirement, their child’s college education, and other large financial goals. Financial advisors can also help clients properly invest their money for smaller goals as well.

Management Accountants

Companies hire management accountants to help oversee day-to-day corporate functions, as well as keeping track of corporate balance sheets. Their work is usually instrumental when it comes time to make decisions about future corporate plans, such as an expansion. It is common for management accountants to work with the company’s top management, especially in regards to how various corporate decisions may affect the financial bottom line. Management accountants also help companies make decisions in regards to future markets, and the financial implications of pursuing those opportunities.

Government also employ accountants to manage construction projects

Government agencies employ accountants to help them calculate the amount of money generated by fees, taxes, and other sources of revenue. Government accounts can also help agencies determine the cost of programs, which could determine if it is even financially feasible to offer the program. Accountants are employed at all levels of government, from smaller agencies all the way up to the federal government. There are many accounting jobs in Johannesburg Gauteng with an accounting degree.


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